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  1. Ha!Ha!Ha! Nice trick. I did not know and did not even think about that. Playing an 1080P from DrivePool to the main i5 receiver, DP reads 1000 kbps (just barely over 1 MB/s) for 1 second, then 0 for the next 2 - 3 seconds. Cycle repeats with some variations such as 500 or 700 kbps for 1 second, then 1 - 2 seconds at 0. Is this the issue ? The receiver is the root cause ? Is there a way see how it reads in Storage Spaces for comparison ? I have a firetv which my wife hated. I got kodi on it but never knew that it could stream from a network folder. How you did it? Complicated ? G
  2. Same here. I've been using it since Server 2012 was released. Since then I went thru 2 upgrades, 2016 & 2019. Never a problem. I anticipated that some of the hard drives could reach the end of their life soon and will need replacement. If I know how to identify the drive when the time comes, I would move on without a second thought. But reading some bad experiences by others, I wanted to have a solid alternative ready. That is why I am here. Thanks for your continuing support. Continuing with DrivePool streaming improvement, I spent much much hours in past few days analyzing and testi
  3. @Shane Thanks. Great advises. I did some of the trouble-shooting tips you mentioned, as well as tried the options "Network I/O boost" and "Bypass file system filters". For the time being, I maintain both systems, and continue to monitoring DrivePool. One weird thing just happened though. Last Friday, I made a BALANCING' change in 'DrivePool.OrderedFilePlacementPlugin' from 'new files only' to 'including existing files'. Immediately afterward, the long bar turned yellow then to green and stayed there (as mentioned is earlier post). No activity whatsoever till this morning, after I activated Dri
  4. It used to be a transparent bar, I think. So after the balancing activity which was yellow, the bar became green. Therefore, I am not sure if this is normal, or some i/o is still going on. Good point. In my case, it is a Server for storage and streaming. DrivePool is struggling with the latter over wi-fi network. I'd like to know a bit more about background process as well. Just like those balancing, the bar went from transparent, to yellow then stayed green. Should I worry about, or just disregard. Weird. So I did a comparison between DrivePool and Storage Spaces. Storage Spaces with
  5. I made a BALANCING' change in 'DrivePool.OrderedFilePlacementPlugin' from 'new files only' to 'including existing files', or something like that. A long yellow bar appeared at the bottom of the screen. I clicked on 'Re-Balance' button on the side of the bar. Some activities appeared briefly, then the bar changed to green and Pool Organization label. It remained in this state for 4 - 5 hours now. Cancelletion option not visible anywhere. What would be appropriate next steps ? Thanks
  6. Good to know. Thanks Good to know. I use 2 x SSD as instructed for duplication feature. They are good for writing. Luckily, I have not had any failure yet. But sooner or later, there will be. My luck continues with the help of DP and people like you who are willing to share knowledge. Thanks I have Hard Disk Sentinel. I also spent days & weeks searching & reading the topic. Some gave scripts samples. Others gave links to Microsoft to read, and of course, to get more confusion. At the end, it is something like your suggestion would be the answer. I plan to system
  7. COOL ! I'll try that. Thanks I've heard about PrimoCache and was tempted to try, but was reluctance to add third party apps. DP took a large percentage of memory on our server hence I nuked the installation & returned to 'storage spaces'. Since then, and with Christopher's options, I am trying again. If additional memory works, then I'm most happy. Well, 'storage spaces' does not return REAL serial numbers. I have 8 disks in the Pool. Get-Disk command returns 2 x SN 152D00539000. 2 x SN 152D00539001, 2x SN 152D00539002, 2 x SN 152D00539003. I guess that reflects the drives
  8. @gtaus I'd love to know how to reply by sectional quotes as you and others did. Since I don't know how, I'm responding by the old numbering system, sorry. 1> 'Drive Letters had to go'. Agreed. How do you add the drives in DP without drive letters? Without drive letters, explorer won't show the drives, is that so? Can you give some samples how this could be done. In fact, I've been wondering about this subject, as there are only 23 letters left after A & B & D. 2> 'Duplication options better in DrivePool than Storage Spaces'. Agreed. I've thinking about organizing D
  9. Thanks, Shane, for confirmation about moving DrivePool. It is most IMPORTANT to know. Setting drive volume label to match the drive's serial number is a great practice. Better than a bunch of 'New Volume' labels. Also thanks for the other tips. I'm a magnet for troubles, so every tip, big or small, I collect them all, just in case . Since you mentioned about duplication, I think this feature on DrivePool is COOLER than Storage Spaces, as we can set selective folders, not the whole pool. Best regards
  10. @Shane & @gtaus Thanks, for sharing info and advises. Christopher's reply received: 'So it was stuck on balancing? If so, then that may be a bug, and something that should be fixed.' Now that I know the importance of 'balancing', simply by making sure that SSD cache is clear, it won't be an issue for me. In addition, I set the 'balancing' to start immediately, no interval nor scheduling. 'Storage Spaces' has been good for us from Server 2012, 2016 and now 2019. My concern was about the way it reports the drives 'friendly names'. They don't show the actual disk model names. In
  11. Since I'm facing the same issue, please allow me to continue under this same topic. If a new topic is required, I will do so. Thanks Ref: Contact Request 1828677 that submitted to Support 9 hours ago, but not yet received help. Our case: We are using a trial version of DrivePool version for the past few days on Server 2019. Test details: . 4 drives (2 x 4TB, 3TB, 2TB) in a Mediasonic Probox for data, USB connection. . 2 x 240 GB SSD's in a separate enclosure for Optimizer, USB connection. . DrivePool started well. Added SSD Optimizer + Order File Pl
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