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  1. Unintentional Guinea Pig Diaries. Day 7 - Entry 1 OUR SUPREME LEADER HAS SPOKEN! I received a response to my support ticket though it did not provide the wisdom I seek. You may call it an "Aladeen" response. My second drive is still stuck in "Drive Queued to perform recovery". I'm told this is a local process and does not involve the cloud yet I don't know how to push it to do anything. The "Error saving data. Cloud drive not found" at this time appears to be a UI glitch and it not correct as any changes that I make do take regardless of the error window. This morning I discove
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  2. OK. My mistake, then. I haven't started this process, I just thought I remembered this fact from some rClone work I've done previously. I'll remove that comment.
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  3. Same behaviour for me. I submitted a ticket today to support.
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  4. I'm enjoying your diary entries as we are in the same boat... not laughing at you... but laughing/crying with you! I know that this must be done to protect our data long term... it's just a painful process.
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