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    Ah. Mount point's don't really matter. To DrivePool, or Windows really. So unless you're intending to mount the drive on the pool's path, there should be no issue.
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    Build Advice Needed

    Ah yes, I meant to mention BlueIris. I run it at my mother-in-law's house on an old Dell T20 that I upgraded from it's G3220 to a E3-1275v3. It's running a basic install of Windows 10 Pro. I'm using QuickSync to decode the video coming from my 3 HikVision cameras. Before I used QS, it was sitting at about 60% CPU use. With QS I'm seeing 16% CPU at the moment, and also a 10% saving on power consumption. I have 3 HikVision cameras, two are 4MP and one is 5MP, and are all running at their maximum resolution. I record 24/7 on to an 8TB WD Purple drive, with events turned on. QuickSync also seems to be used for transcoding video that's accessed by the BlueIris app (can highly recommend the app, it's basically the only way we access the system apart from some admin on the server's console). Considering Quicksync has improved greatly in recent CPUs (basically Skylake or newer), you should have no problems with an i7-8700K. I get great performance from a creaky old Haswell.
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    I received a response from CrashPlan: "Hello Jon, Thank you for contacting our Champion Support Team. It looks like the CrashPlan app is restarting your backup unexpectedly, it is actually running a file verification scan. The scan puts ALL of your data in the To Do list. Then as the backup after the scan runs, its analyzes your files to determine if it has been backed up before and can be skipped, or if its new/changed and needs to be backed up. The percentage complete that you see is CrashPlan's progress through the current To Do list, not the overall backup. The scan is an important and normal part of CrashPlan's scheduled activities, but it can also be triggered by several events. To read more, click on the link below: http://support.code42.com/CrashPlan/Latest/Troubleshooting/Is_My_Backup_Starting_Over The explanation for the lengthy time estimation relates to how CrashPlan prioritizes files for backup. CrashPlan backs up your most recent changes first. When the scan finds new files for backup, these files go straight to the top of CrashPlan's “to do” list. This impacts the estimated time to complete backup because the estimate is based on the type of files the scan is reviewing (i.e., new or existing) and your current network speed. If you have any further CrashPlan questions or concerns, or need clarification please do not hesitate to reach out. Best Regards, Champion Support Specialist" This seems to be the case. The number of files sent match up but the total percentage is still off even after a FULL manual file scan. (that normally only happens every 30 days) Things should sort themselves out over time after the complete verification "To Do" list is done.


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