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Why can't I see the drive?


Honestly, I am suspecting this is more of a Windows 8 thing than Drivepool thing. I am hitting a wall though and am really hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I can not be the 1st person building a pool that has run into this.


So I am in the process of shutting down my old WHS Vers 1 Server.  I have built the new server on the 8.1 Pro platform.

All new Hardware.. (i5, Gigabyte z97x-ud3h-BK motherboard, 16 GB ram. OS running on samsung 850 EVO

I have already installed a new HGST and WD Red 3TB. Both were new in the box and both showed right up. I put the drives in a pool and removed the drive letters as I am letting Scanner manage them.


I wanted to pull a couple of newer drives from the old system to put into the new system.

I have started with the first drive. I removed it from the old server according to procedure (30 hours later, it is out.)


Seems simple ...right? Here is the problem.


I can not get Windows 8, Drivepool or anything else to recognize the pulled drive on the new build.


The Drive is a 2TB WD RED.   I thought maybe the drive had failed so I plugged it into my Windows 7 PC.

The PC saw the drive. I deleted the allocation, reformatted, made a simple Primary Partition on the drive in NTFS.

I assigned it a letter.

It is reading basic. The drive is behaving exactly like I think that it should on Windows 7.


On Windows 8, it is not even appearing in Device Manager. There are no alerts in Device Manager making me think something is missing. The drive is not showing up in disk management.

Of  Course it is not showing up in Drivepool or Scanner/  How is it that I can see and completely utilize this drive in a Windows 7 machine and not even get it to be recognized in Windows 8.1 Pro?


I have tried different sata cables and different power connections..nothing.

What am I missing here?




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OK...so as I was sitting here and writing my problem, it occurred to me that....I had taken drive letters away from the other drives in the pool. On a hunch.....

I added letters back, rebooted and the missing drive showed right up.


But now this begs the question....if I have to assign drive letters to all the drives to get a new one to show up, doesn't that cap the drive limit? If not, how do you get the system to recognize new drives when you have removed drive letters from the existing drives in the build?   I had created folders for the drives when I deleted the drive letter.

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That's really odd.


In theory, you shouldn't have needed to assign the drive a letter.


Specifically, that it didn't show up in Device Manager indicates that there was an issue with detection. Adding the drive letters may have triggered something that forced the system to update the hardware information.

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Hi Guys,


I experience this behaviour also but just thought it was normal.


I'm the software on both Win 7 and vista laptops with external USB 3 and eSATA docks and have found that while the drives show up in disk manager, I need to initialize (obviously) and assign a drive letter for them to become available in the scanner software. I do not need to format though so they are RAW when being scanned.



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Ah, I'm sorry, Re-reading your posts, it's clear that I misinterpreted what you were saying. I apologize for that.


Normally, StableBit Scanner is very good about detecting changing disk information. Specifically, we monitor "VDS" (the "Virtual Disk Service", which is what Disk Management and the DISKPART utility use to access the disks), and we look for new disks, new partitions, and the like. So we should be adding or updating the disk information right away. 


From what you were saying, it sounds like the disks were not even showing up until you added a disk letter to the partitions.

If that's the case, then something is going wrong here.

And in this case, could you install the newest version and see if the issue is fixed?



If not, let us know.

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