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  1. Great. Yes, the fact that I can see the scanner software submitting to bitflock already is what made me think that i'd like to be able to 'tag' the drive info being submitted as being part of my 'flock'.
  2. Sure, I understand the porting issue. You'd be surprised however at how much of the standard linux tools these NAS OS's use so I doubt you'd have a problem in getting the SMART info. Most of the platforms already do it as part of their own disk maintenance.
  3. Hi Guys, would be cool to be able to login to BitFlock via the StableBit scanner software so that the info that is sent is added to my bitflock nest too.
  4. Yes, this would be a great tool and you'd get loads of drive information
  5. Thanks Chris, I'll re-test my current version and then install the beta and see if it helps.
  6. sorry, my point was that even after initialising the disk, if I don't assign a drive letter to it, it won't show up in the scanner drive list.
  7. Hi Guys, I experience this behaviour also but just thought it was normal. I'm the software on both Win 7 and vista laptops with external USB 3 and eSATA docks and have found that while the drives show up in disk manager, I need to initialize (obviously) and assign a drive letter for them to become available in the scanner software. I do not need to format though so they are RAW when being scanned.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I'm aware of the TLER issue and will keep it in mind.
  9. Hi, Just started a trial of the scanner product and already finding it immensely valuable in going through all my old drives and checking drives before going into a NAS. Will be purchasing very soon. My question is around the potential impact of running the scanner on RAID arrays in external DAS enclosures for example. There's always talk of drives being dropped from RAID 5 arrays due to unrecoverable errors. May running the scanner have a a similar impact? Likewise for JBOD volumes. Well done on a great product, particularly the cloud SMART integration.
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