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Interaction and impacts on RAID enclosures




Just started a trial of the scanner product and already finding it immensely valuable in going through all my old drives and checking drives before going into a NAS. Will be purchasing very soon.


My question is around the potential impact of running the scanner on RAID arrays in external DAS enclosures for example. There's always talk of drives being dropped from RAID 5 arrays due to unrecoverable errors. May running the scanner have a a similar impact? Likewise for JBOD volumes.


Well done on a great product, particularly the cloud SMART integration.

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Generally, the "unrecoverable" errors in a RAID array are due to a disk taking too long to return an error. This is why it is ALWAYS recommended to only use drives that support "TLER" in a RAID array.

Specifically, "TLER" stands for "Time Limited Error Recovery" and limits the disk from attempting to read the disk to 7 seconds.


If the drive in question does not have TLER or has it disabled, then the RAID controller may drop the disk from teh array if it takes too long to read or write. 



As for StableBit Scanner, it should n't have a problem with any disk, but it could theoretically trigger this behavior in a RAID enclosure, depending the the enclosure's firmware and the disks in question.

A JBOD shouldn't have this issue, I beleive. But that still depends on the disks and the firmware still.

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