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Stablebit Scanner: Missing SMART, Temperature, Performance, DiskQueue, DiskActivity


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Hi everyone,

Using Server 2022 Standard with Stablebit Scanner v2.6.2.392 with a controller card Adaptec 72405 (HBA Mode), I'm missing the Temperature, Performance, DiskQueue, DiskActivity infos.

Is there a incompatibility between Server 2022 or the Adaptec card, with the Stablebit software.

Best regards

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On 8/9/2022 at 9:16 AM, eujanro said:

Is there a incompatibility between Server 2022 or the Adaptec card, with the Stablebit software.

Should be with the OS.

Site also shows Server 2022 as a supported OS also.

I am not running this OS but have this card on Windows 10 with those settings and have that data. Hmm just noticed mine has not update to that version though.  Still working after manually updating.

What drivers did you use?

Mind showing the other advanced settings?

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Hi Doug,

Thank you for your answer. I was using the Adaptec 72405 with Server 2016 Essentials and has worked flawlessly.

Now I have tried the "Adaptec RAID Driver v7.5.0.52013 for Windows, Microsoft Certified" dated Aug 2017, from the Microsemi site, but this also was provided by the Operating System. It didn't work either. I think it has do to with the Server 2022 or something. My Scanner settings are nothing but the default one, aside the Unsafe and NoWMI option which I manually checked, to see if bring something to my issue in question. But nothing is working. 

In the end, I think it's a Server 2022 issue, because under Server 2016, the same controller and disks, worked without issues.

I will try further with the same Stablebit Drivepool/Scanner version, that was on the Server 2016 (same Adaptec RAID Driver v7.5.0.52013 also) installed, but I don't think it will change something


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