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Windows Server 10 Compatibility





I have been luvin' my DrivePool + Scanner for years.  Coming from an old WHS 2008 and multiple Linux-based distros, I finally found a nice stable home at StableBit!


I am currently running them on a W2K12 box (that's Windows Server 2012, non-R2).  


It's time for an upgrade next year...


I was wondering if you guys have downloaded the Windows Server 10 Preview and tested it's compatibility with Scanner + DrivePool.  It's not a deal breaker as I can set up a new W2K12R2 box.  But, would prefer to move to Windows Server 10 when it is released later in 2015.




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im running drivepool and scanner on the win 10 preview (not server) so far no issues yet... haven't found a reason for the (Server) version yet. ive had it running without any major issues for a month plus... my opinion go fot it but have a backup of non replaceable files.. but again ive had zero issues and am planning on upgrading all my boxes as soon as 10 launches


my server


amd phenom socket am3 945 deneb at 3.0 ghz

16GB gskill ripjaws (4x4)

Kingston 120gb ssd (os drive)

1 1tb wd 3.5 inch green (pool)

1 1TB wd black (pool)

1 1 TB 2.5 inch wd red (pool drive)


runs flawless.

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We haven't done extensive testing at all with either version of Windows 10's Technical Preview. 

However, we have done some testing, and it appears that both products run file on Windows 10 (server and client).


But as I said, we haven't done extensive testing to be sure.

Also, since WIndows 10 is nowhere near feature complete yet, it's still possible for drastic change. We'd rather wait til it's closer to release to test, as there won't be so many code changes then.

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