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No SMART/Temp Love for SAS Adapters? But Yes in Scanner???


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I currently have a LSI SAS adapter with 8 SATA3 drives attached.  I can enable smart features in scanner and they work fine.  My problem is bitflock sees no info from scanner/HDD's regarding smart and temp.  Basically enabling unsafeIO in scanner does not carry over to bitflock.  All other 8 SATA drives connected to MB are fine in bitflock, only SAS adapter


Is it possible to get SAS unsafeIO SMART data from scanner/HDD to bitflock nest?

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Sorry to be a pest...  I tend to break things and find problems...  Basically the problem is bitflock is not displaying SAS adpater SMART when using unsafe IO in scanner to get such data from SAS adapters when using SATA drives with adapter.  Scanner displays all, bitflock does not


For what it is worth...  bitflock comes in handy when i want to drop in and check up on the hdd's...  it also is a very nice interface for use.  Not sure how many  take advantage of this feature when using scanner...  Scanner + bitflock has caught and notified myself of failing drives and has saved myself a ton of grief in the process.

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No, BitFlock doesn't support the "unsafe DirectIo" option. 


Well, you can "submit" the data in Scanner, but there isn't a good way to get at that data (it doesn't display).


However, we are looking at improving BitFlock and to better integrate it into our products. From our "development page":

StableBit Cloud

The StableBit Cloud is going to be a new online service part of the StableBit brand.

It's going to have these goals:

  • One secure place online where you can go to see the status of your StableBit products.
  • Extensive centralized notifications that can be configured in one place.
  • Simple and responsive styling that can adapt to different sized mobile screens.
The StableBit Cloud is going to tie together the StableBit Server, StableBit Scanner, StableBit DrivePool and StableBit CloudDrive.

The StableBit Cloud will also superceed BitFlock, which will be retired when the StableBit Cloud becomes available.


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