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Heeeelp my ocd! what is this phantom duplicated data?



I have 2 pools.  Neither uses any type of duplication.  Both are the same size, both are made up of the same number of drives. 

my plex media pool shows Unduplicated and Other
my emulation pool shows Unduplicated and Other AND Duplicated even though I have it disabled.   it's only 454 kb worth so its not like im losing meaningful space.  i still want to know how i can tell what is being duplicated and why and make that not the case.   it wasnt like this last i checked but I did just restore a macrium image from this morning, unsure if that mucked something up somehow or if this automagically happened at some point along the way and I'm just now noticing. 

ill take any insight i can get. 

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11 minutes ago, Jonibhoni said:

Probably the internal DrivePool metadata ("[METADATA]"). It's locked to 3x-duplication by default.

But why was it not present before?  The data on that pool has been unchanged apart from a few MB for a loooong time. 

Moreso why is there duplicated “metadata” showing on that pool but not the other pool which holds roughly just as many tb and the same number of disks etc?

thanks for the reply regardless <3

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