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Accessing or updating files directly in hidden pool directories



I would like to know if there is any reason why we should not access or update files directly via the hidden pool directories?


I'm currently testing a trial copy of DrivePool in a virtual machine running Windows 7 to see how well it works with with Snapraid and so far everything seems to be okay.


I simulated a hard drive failure and removal by setting one of the virutal disk to raw format so when the virtual machine turns back on again, DrivePool would report one drive missing.

Then I formatted the new virtual disk to NTFS files system and used Snapraid to rebuild files in the pool directory of the original virtual disk.


However, when I added this new virtual disk back to the pool, DrivePool created a new and separate hidden pool directory so all files in the original pool directory on this virtual disk would be recognized as "other files".

Thus I determined I need to move files from the old pool directory to the new one so the files would be accessible again in the main pool.


So far I have not experienced any problem by moving files from the old pool directory re-built by Snapraid into the new pool directory.

However, I would like some confirmation that such procedures would not cause any problems in DrivePool especially if I have balancing plug-in turned on.


Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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