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Unable to upgrade to from


I tried to upgrade my existing version with the latest stable but got an error upon installation that the Add-In was invalid. I re-downloaded the binary thinking something got corrupted during download and tried to install again. Now the installation errors saying that the application is already installed.


Checking the Add-ins tab on the WHS2011 console it shows version 1.3.7556 installed but the DrivePool section still shows the old version number in the lower right hand side. 


Did the install actually complete the first time and the version on the DrivePool section is a typo? If not, how can I safely get the latest version installed on my system. I have about 5TB of data in my pool which I would really hate to loose.



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If you uninstall DrivePool from the add-in tab (also check Add/Remove Programs afterwards), reboot, and then re-install everything should come back like normal. Because DrivePool isn't dependent on hardware or controllers or RAID setups etc, the minute you re-install, DrivePool will automatically add your pool back into the dashboard. 

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