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Scanner In Dashboard & Stand-alone


I read in the change log that Scanner can be installed in both the dashboard and as the regular desktop program. When I install one, the other stops working. I installed the .exe but SCANNER disappeared from my dashboard but was still listed under the applications tab. Then if I tried to install the .wssx, it would say its already installed. So what I did was, uninstalled scanner from the dashboard and from add/remove programs. After that, I am able to reinstall the .wssx file and it shows in the dashboard as expected. Then I install the .exe so I can have the desktop app too, but the install only takes about 1 second like it didn't really do anything but it says that it completed. No Start shortcut is made and when I go to the program folder with the scanner ui, the .exe file doesn't work.


What am I doing wrong? I'm using Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials with all of the latest updates.

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This is more of "for the future" and for people willing to get a little bit "hacky" on the system.


If you want both, JUST install the WHS2011 (WSSX) on the server. Then install the WIndows 7 (EXE) one on a desktop. Then copy the "C:\Program Files (x86)\StableBit\Scanner\UI" folder over to the server, ideally, in the same location.  Then you can run the "Scanner.UI.exe" program on the server and get access to Scanner that way.


Just note that every time you upgrade, you will need to do this (install on both locations and copy over). 

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