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Hardlink support


I have a folder of files with names along the lines of:  "File name (Date).ext"


I have a script I wrote that creates hardlinks of those files into a subfolder so they are named:  "Date - File name.ext" allowing me to browse them by date.


If I run that script with DrivePool now storing all of the files, will it be intelligent enough not to consume double (or more depending on redundancy settings) the storage?


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We do not support hardlinks on the Pool.


We support many other reparse points (such as junction points, and symbolic links) on the Pool, but not hard links. 



And specifically:



Hard Links are not implemented using reparse points and so this build of StableBit DrivePool does not support them. Hard Links are implemented directly in NTFS and can only point to a file on the same volume.

While DrivePool is a virtual file system, we use multiple disks underneath to create the pool. This makes it fundamentally incompatible with Hard Links.




Also, Alex (the developer) talks a lot about the different types of reparse points here:


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Ok, so if I understand correctly, Symbolic Links may actually allow for what I need to do...have essentially two names point to the same actual file.


Let's discuss a simple scenario assuming the following:

  1. I have an empty 100GB pool
  2. The pool is set to 2x duplication
  3. I copy a single 10GB file to the pool
  4.  - Free space should now be 80GB, correct?
  5. I create a symbolic link to the file in a sub-directory on the pool
  6.  - What is free space now?
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