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Folder duplication question



Is it possible to esure at least 1 copy of every duplicated file is placed on one specific drive?

I have a QNAP connected as a drive in my pool via iSCSI. Since it's RAID6 it would be spiffy if at least 1 copy of all duplicated files ended up on it.
It has the space for it. All duplicated files in the drivepool already exist there currently in the usual haphhazard way.

The logic being that the QNAP is protecting the files with RAID6, but if the control board dies in the thing the data is still within the pool duplicated elsewhere.

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Not directly. 

The best way to do this is to add the pool to a pool, itself.  Then add the iSCSI volume to this top level pool, and enable duplecation there.  this would ensure that a copy of the file exists on the local pool, and on the iSCSI volume. 

You'd need to seed the pool, and change the duplication settings, but aside from that, should be very doable. 

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