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DrivePool 2.x Beta just as stable as 1.3.x?



Thinking about dropping WHS 2011 and installing Win7.  Currently have DrivePool 1.3 installed, and very happy with it.  Is there any concerns I should know about before I venture down this road?  I understand it's a beta.   But if the infrastructure is based upon the stable version, I would like to move forward.  Is there timeline for DrivePool 2.x to make it to RC and Final?

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DrivePool 2.x is defintely still in beta, and we've definitely had a few hiccups recently.  So if your data is critical, I wouldn't recommend using it.


That said, we consider any data corruption issues extremely critical, and try to prevent those. As well as any other serious issues. We try to fix them as soon as possible, when they sneak out.

As for a timeline, no there isn't one. Alex is working hard to get to that point, but we'd rather not create a timeline. Because things happen, and they're rarely actually met. We'd rather take our time and release a fully stable product, than rush it to make the timeline. Or disappoint people with repeatedly missed dates.



But if you are willing to use a mostly stable product, and are willing to deal with an occasional issue, then by all means. 

I use DrivePool 2.x in my production machine, with very few issues.

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