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  1. Would there be a feature, in the future, to change the encryption key?
  2. As I ponder more about cache drive alternatives. What would be the consensus of using a RAM drive for caching?
  3. Having a SSD as the cache drive does help out. Thank you for the suggestion, it is a viable workaround.
  4. Even with the local cache set to none. Data is still copied to cache drive, then copied to a local disk.
  5. Used version CloudDrive_1.0.0.441
  6. I am using Cloud Drive for "Local Disk" I understand the design of using a local cache drive for having quick access. This makes sense for accessing data uploaded to the actual cloud. But for "Local Disk" the data is being copied twice, which means it takes twice as long. Plus I will fill the local cache drive before I am done copying. Anyway to bypass the local cache drive entirely?
  7. Providers were "Local Disk" and "File Share" Drives created with ver.401.
  8. Was in a situation where I had to copy off my file share cloud drive. Copied it to a local hard drive. Noticed that cloud drive was unable to see the hiddlen folder container. Realized you have a naming convention for each cloud drive service. Renamed the folder to match service (StableBit CloudDrive Share Data-->StableBit CloudDrive Data). Tried attaching it via local disk cloud drive, and got the attached error. Checked the metadata file. Found the reference of service, and changed that to match. Cloud drive attached fine after that. Requesting a feature, where any cloud drive can be attached without user intervention.
  9. Created CloudDrive(s) on Fileshare, and Local Disk. I detach the CloudDrive(s), no problem. Problem is attaching them, nothing happens. Nothing in the notification area reflects the request. I tested this on VM Windows 7_64bit, CloudDrive Beta
  10. Win7 64bit with DrivePool But I did test again with the latest beta. But you have already confirmed issue. I was in a situation of a hard drive throwing errors. Wanted to remove it, but had no more room in the case to add a drive. Nor having a spare external drive with enough space. I did have enough space on another computer on the network. But didn't want to blow away the OS. Figure I could create a VHD anywhere on the network, to limp along until a new hard drive is ordered. I know this feature is kinda possible with Stablebit CloudDrive. But I have the same issue as others, on the forum,(see reference link below) of having I/O deadlocks. Was waiting for that to get resolved before I fully used CloudDrive. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1305-io-deadlock/
  11. Trying to add a mounted VHD to a new DrivePool. Drive shows up in the GUI, then I click add drive. Percentage hits 95.0% and sits there. After a 5 minute timeout, it does not add the drive to the pool. The hidden folder(PoolPart1.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is still there on the VHD. Thoughts?
  12. Log has been uploaded. My test is on a fresh VM with Windows7 installed. No AV or additional software is installed. Just Stablebit Clouddrive and DrivePool. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Windows\system32>fltmc Filter Name Num Instances Altitude Frame ------------------------------ ------------- ------------ ----- luafv 1 135000 0 FileInfo 8 45000 0 C:\Windows\system32>
  13. Creating disk on local drivepool, no online provider.
  14. Create new cloud drive (example 100GB), in the advanced settings, select "Storage chunk size" drop down. Tried choosing a size bigger than 1GB, nothing happens after hitting create button. Thoughts?
  15. Pretty sure I posted in the right area. I understand this for StableBit Scanner. I am talking about StableBit DrivePool. If you hover the mouse cursor over the one of the drives. There is a quick view and it has the temp. I see no setting for switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit in DrivePool.
  16. Possible to have a setting to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?
  17. Did as followed. No nag as of now. Will check in the morning. I guessing if there is a drivepool icon in the systray, is because the software needs attention?
  18. Scraped out WHS 2011 and installed Win7 64Bit. Copied all data off the pool to external drives(not part of any pool). Installed Win7 64Bit and StableBit DrivePool Beta, DrivePool recognized the previous pool and I saw all the data. Noticed that the filesystem format what still CoveFS. Which makes sense, but I wanted to have the NTFS format that is used in the current beta. No sweat. Blow away the pool. Did a quick format to clean off any trace of data on all drives. Created new Pool(NTFS format), added all drives. Just finished copying all the data back from external drives. Everything is grand, except I get a nag message upon a reboot from drivepool saying "One or more disks are disconnected from the pool" I can also get the message to appear, when i right click on the icon in the systray. All six drives are alive and accounted for. Assume this is a false positive? Thoughts?
  19. I replaced my controller fairly recently. DrivePool drive showed right up. Very smooth process.
  20. Thinking about dropping WHS 2011 and installing Win7. Currently have DrivePool 1.3 installed, and very happy with it. Is there any concerns I should know about before I venture down this road? I understand it's a beta. But if the infrastructure is based upon the stable version, I would like to move forward. Is there timeline for DrivePool 2.x to make it to RC and Final?
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