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Pool readonly on direct access, not via shares

Pål Andreassen


For an unknown reason my pool has become read-only. But only if I access via the drive letter (J:). If if access via file share \\server\share I can modify and delete just fine.

Running latest release ( and I can't say I have done any changes recently. I'm also running StableBit Scanner and it did report a SMART warning on my OS drive, but I chose to click "ignore this warning" since it was about a bad sector that needed to be relocated. 


I know that DrivePool can balance data off a unhealthy disk based on scanner reports. But this was the OS drive which is not part of the pool. Any ideas?

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Yes. Domain admin, just as I normally use when I RDP into the server.


I can also update that when viewing the DrivePool app the pool is at 100%. If I try to delete some files the delete failes (read-only) and the pool status drops to 0 and a duplication run starts. When it gets to 100% again the drive is still read-only.

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Do you have any antivirus or disk tools installed on the system?

Either way, could you do this:


Depending on your OS, you may need to right click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run as administrator".


Also, could you enable file system logging and reproduce the issue?




And when this happens, could you run "diskmgmt.msc" and see if it says that the DrivePool disk is read-only?

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This is the output from fltmc:


Filter Name                     Num Instances    Altitude    Frame
------------------------------  -------------  ------------  -----
DfsDriver                               1       405000         0
DfsrRo                                  0       261100         0
luafv                                   1       135000         0
npsvctrig                               1        46000         0

I am not running any antivirus on the server. I'll get back to you with the rest later.

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