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A few questions




I was thinking of trying Drive pool & have a few questions


1)  When folder duplication is turned on (2 copies), & someone tries opening one of the files in the duplicated folder, will it read off of both files or just one or the other?  I thought I read something that it read off of both, but I might be thinking of a different scenario.


2)  If a file in a duplicated folder becomes corrupt, I assume it automatically reads off of the 2nd copy?   Also will it try to make a 3rd copy if the 1st is unreadable?


2)  As far as balancing & duplication, how does it handle drives of different sizes?  For example, the computer I'm thinking of trying this on, has 3 - 2 TB drives installed & was thinking of adding a 3 TB drive (total of 9 TB).  With balancing & (specific) folder duplication, will it fully utilize the 3 TB drive, or only the first 2 TB of the 3 TB drive (thus 1 TB ends up being "wasted".  Another words, would it be better just to add a fourth 2 TB drive or even a 4 TB drive (thus making the total drive or pool size be even) instead of adding a 3 TB drive


3)  Multiple licenses.  I see there is a discount for buying multiple licenses.  Is this meant for multiple computers in the same household only or can it be for computers in multiple locations?  For example, could I buy a couple licenses for myself & buy a couple for my relatives & take advantage of the discount?



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  1. Yes and no. It depends on the system configuration and a few other things. However, for the most cases, yes. 

    Here is a link that talks about the "Read Striping" feature that you're asking about:


  2. That's a complicated subject, actually. And it depends on a number of things. Such as how the file was corrupted.

    In general, if there is an issue reading the file from one of the disks, it will error out reading the file altogether.  

  3. The software is very good about calculating that, and good about managing it. 

    While it may look simple and straight forward, there is a lot that goes into the code for determining file placement, free space, duplication and balancing. 

    Alex does a good job of describing it in the manual:




  4. No, you could absolutely could set up the instances in different locations. However, remember that they will all be licensed to you, and if there is an issue with licensing or activation, that YOU will need to be the one that contacts us. However, that doesn't sound like it will be an issue for you.

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