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Issue with removing multiple drives at once.




Long story short.

  • Ran out of space
  • Bought new disks
  • Emptied 3 small 120GB SSDs to be replaced with 4x 16TB drives.
  • I Selected "Duplicate Files Later" for all 3 removing drives.
  • Some files were duplicated between these 3 drives, not anywhere else.
  • First disk removes fine.
  • 2nd disk gets removed, but with files remaining on it.
  • 3rd drive gets emptied until it gets to files for which no more duplicates exist.
  • DrivePool is stuck on emptying.
  • Tried several things, but had to resort to restarting Windows. (Soft)
  • After boot, Drivepool takes a while to load, says 3rd disk is missing.
    • I re-add disk 2 and 3 because they show as not empty. Didn't want to take the risk.
  • I check the removed drives.
    • 1st is empty
    • 2nd & 3rd have files on them left
      • None of these files have a duplicate in DrivePool
  • I have to run disk repair to recover the files as they are no longer indexed.
    • Recovery does not put them in drivepoolpart folder so they are not automatically being duplicated back.


A user who doesn't understand what's going on might lose all this 'in limbo' data. Because even when manually checking the drives, you don't see the left-over folders and files without doing some kind of recovery first.


Suggestion, even when selecting "Duplicate Files Later", do a check if a duplicate still exists.

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