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Which version of DrivePool is best for WHS 2011



I just rebuilt my WHS 2011 with a new motherboard and processor and installed the wssx version.  On the previous server I had installed the Windows 7 version.(  I miss the ability to monitor and change the DP on my server, using the copy on my Windows 7 PC, but like some of the integration of DP with the WHS 2011 Dashboard.


What is the functional difference between the 1.x version and the 2.x version?  It would seem that 2.x might contain things that the server version doesn't.  If I stay with the 1.x version on the server what am I missing?




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Unless you need some of the newer features, then using 1.3 would be the better option. It's more tightly integrated into the dashboard.


However, if you need/want some of the features such as reparse point support, or the File Placement rules, then you should use 2.1. 


Also, it's worth noting that the license is valid for either product, and the pool is backwards and forwards compatible.

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