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StableBit DrivePool's File Placement and "Product 3"


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I've just put up a new blog post that introduces some of the functionality of the next StableBit product, dubbed "Product 3".


Blog post: http://blog.covecube.com/2014/05/stablebit-drivepool-2-1-0-553-rc-file-placement-and-product-3/


I'll quote the text that is the most relevant to Product 3:


Right now, when you add a disk to the pool, a hidden “PoolPart” folder is created on that disk. Any pooled files that need to be stored on that disk are simply stored in that hidden Pool Part folder. So in reality, when you add a disk to the pool, you’re actually adding a Pool Part to the pool, and that Pool Part happens to be stored on a local disk.

I hope that you see where I'm going with this. Product 3 will allow you to add Pool Parts to the pool that are not necessarily stored on physical disks. This is going to open up a whole range of very exciting possibilities.


It’ll be possible to store Pool Parts on virtually anything that you can imagine that can store persistent data. Email servers, FTP, UNC shares, cloud storage might be some examples, all you’ll need is a plugin for which there will be an open API.


In this context, StableBit DrivePool’s file placement will gain a whole new use. It will allow you to define which folders on the pool are stored on which mediums. Moreover, with per-folder duplication, you will be able to specify which specific mediums will store the duplicated file parts, of each folder.


As we approach the first public BETA I'll be posting some more technical detail here about how Product 3 will work and what unique features it will offer.

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