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  1. Ditto, And if he needs beta testers, Alex knows where to find us. Hopefully you are reading this Alex.
  2. I too ran into this issue, and I read back through the history in this forum and found multiple threads about this. I recently switched to Storage Spaces in Windows 8.1 and onedrive works without issue. Alex/Chris, Is this feature planning on being fixed in a future build so we can have onedrive in the pool? I would love to switch back to drivepool since it's better than storage spaces.
  3. Any update on this? I tried to use one drive on one of my pools and one drive stopped functioning and would not start up properly. I moved it back off the pool and worked without issue. Would be nice to be able to keep one drive files in the pool. I'm not even duplicating mine, just needed it moved there because there is more storage there than on my C drive.
  4. What's the status on CloudDrive? Will Alex be looking for beta testers?
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