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Drivepool strangeness


I've got DP running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials server. I've got 6 internal SATA disks and 4 more in an external enclosure (icy-box rd3640su3). The enclosure can be connected either though USB 3 or ESATA. When connected though USB 3 the four drives in the enclosure is reporting a lot of "other" data that I cannot explain. However when I connect the same drives through ESATA the amount of "other" is significantly lower. But it now claims to have unduplicated data.


1. I have  "pool-level" duplication of 2x

2. The pool status is 100%

3. Still it claims to have a total of 92 GB unduplicated


I'm having trouble getting the numbers to match. Anyone care to explain?


Version of DB is BETA. I tried running the very latest beta but I experienced some BSOD's so I went back.



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First, if you experienced BSODs with the latest beta, then please upload the crash dumps to us.




As for the Pool, have you tried to manually remeasure the pool? (under pool options)?

And is real-time duplication enabled (default)?

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The server got so unstable that I had to revert to a system backup from a day before the upgrade. So the dumps are unfortunately gone. I did not think of copying them before restoring. 


As for the pool I did not think a remeasure was required when status was 100%. I did a manual remeasure and now things look better again.

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Pal, the last couple of builds include improvements to the measuring code (there was a "drift" issue that would cause these statistics to ... well, drift after time).


But if you notice any instability again, please to get those dumps. They can show us a lot of what is going on.

Though if this was "sudden", did you install anything during that period? such as disk tools or antivirus?

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