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NFS, Drivepool, VMware



Has anyone been able to successfully get a NFS share working on the pool so that a VMware ESXi host can add the NFS share as additional storage? I can perform this successfully on non-pooled drives without issue.


I have Drivepool config files setup to display the file system as NTFS and I verified this by looking in disk manager and viewing the properties of the pooled drive.


I am running the latest BETA version of Drivepool. I initially tried the latest stable version as well.


Thanks in advance.

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NFS works fine on non-pooled drives with VMware. I mentioned this in my initial post.


I can:

  • Create VMs on the non-pooled drives
  • vMotion between NFS shares on non-pooled drives
  • Perform file I/O operations on NFS shares (i.e. create folders, move/copy files/folders, etc.) on non-pooled drives using the browse datastore option


Trying to do any this on the pool results in a timeout.

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This has been an open known issue for a while (https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/82), but I haven't been able to address it yet. I'm setting up a brand new testing lab right now with all new hardware just for such difficult cases and will address this in the future. I've tried to tackle this in my current lab and it has proven to be most difficult so I've opted to wait until the new lab is set up. The new lab is coming along nicely and I'll get to resolving this once the new lab is up and running.


TL;DR: It may take a few months.

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