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  1. Hey Chris- Thanks for the reply. I do have the current release of the Web Management tool installed. I mentioned in my original post that it does see the SMART data. Since I was having the duplication and pool issues, I just ended up returning the drive for a SATA model and that works fine. I was already spending cycles figuring out the pool issue and didn't have the free cycles for this one. Next time I buy a SAS drive I'll try what you've posted here. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.
  2. I was able to fix my problem. I kept removing disks from the pool until the Pool Organization showed green. There was a disk with 2.07TB of "Other" data. So I removed that from the pool and it worked. The folder that was duplicated then showed up duplication dialog and I was able to disable it and start my duplication strategy from scratch. Lesson learned; if you have a disk with an unusually high amount of "Other" data showing in the pool, try removing it from the pool using the removal procedure to see if it clears up any issue you may be experiencing. I should have started with this disk but instead I was removing all drives that showed to have duplicated data on it. This was the "long" way of doing things.
  3. No worries. I know you guys are busy as heck. I only saw a .covefs folder in one of the poolpart folders. Do I have to stop the DP service in order to see it?
  4. All I want to do is remove duplicated data off of a pool that has duplication disabled. Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what reparse points are so it's probably safe to say I am not making use of them, correct? So what should I do to get rid of duplicated files? Delete the ".covefs" folder? What is the impact to the pool?
  5. Can this metadata be edited to get rid of the error I am experiencing??? How can I get to this "super hidden" folder?
  6. I've tried almost everything except re-installing the OS. Right now I am removing all drives with duplicated data from the pool, re-partitioning them, and re-adding to see if that clears it up. My theory is that it should solve the problem since I have disabled duplication, and disabled duplication on the removal process as well. I'll report back to the forum in a few days because this is how long I expect it will take to get through this experiment. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Is there a Stablebit tool that will check the pool for duplicated files and remove them? Or is there a way I can see them and remove them myself?
  8. Should there be a x1+ on the top level folder even though I have Folder and Pool level duplication disabled? Notice none of the folders in the screener has duplication enabled. No matter what I do, my pool shows Duplication inconsistent. I have tried everything except re-installing the OS. If anyone has experienced this issue and solved it, please let me know. Thanks in advanced!
  9. I just received my Hitachi Ultrastar 3TB Enterprise HUS723030ALS640 and Scanner does not display all of the SMART data (i.e. temp, age). Unsafe is disabled and working properly because my other SATA drives display all of the data properly connected to my Highpoint 2760A card, which has a Marvell chipset. Lastly, Scanner completed a scan on the drive and I restarted the Scanner service to see if the SMART info would display properly. The result: When scanner came back up, the drive showed as not scanned and began the scan process all over again. This is the only Drive with a SAS interface in my system. The other 21 drives are SATA interface. All drives are connected to my 24-port RAID card. My question is, is Scanner compatible with SAS drives? or is there some known issue with these Hitachi Enterprise Drives and Scanner?
  10. Going the SnapRAID or FlexRAID route, the only thing is I will not be able to use balancing since the parity cannot be moved. Am I thinking correctly here? For the file inventory tool. I would have to have an inventory completed already to see what the differences are. There is no silver bullet, so I have some planning to do. Thanks for the reply.
  11. What other products can be used with DP to protect data? I just had 2x drives fail within days of each other and wasn't able to recover any of the data. This has been a sad Thanksgiving holiday!
  12. It''s working. I failed to drop the "_default" from the filename! :-)
  13. Do you get SMART data reported in Scanner? I am not seeing it even after setting "UnsafeDirectIo" to "True" in the "Scanner.Service.exe.config_default" file. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  14. Thanks for the update, Alex. Good luck on the new lab!
  15. Any word on this?
  16. NFS works fine on non-pooled drives with VMware. I mentioned this in my initial post. I can: Create VMs on the non-pooled drives vMotion between NFS shares on non-pooled drives Perform file I/O operations on NFS shares (i.e. create folders, move/copy files/folders, etc.) on non-pooled drives using the browse datastore option Trying to do any this on the pool results in a timeout.
  17. The Server role in WS 2012 R2.
  18. Has anyone been able to successfully get a NFS share working on the pool so that a VMware ESXi host can add the NFS share as additional storage? I can perform this successfully on non-pooled drives without issue. I have Drivepool config files setup to display the file system as NTFS and I verified this by looking in disk manager and viewing the properties of the pooled drive. I am running the latest BETA version of Drivepool. I initially tried the latest stable version as well. Thanks in advance.
  19. What was the final diagnosis on this issue? I experience similar issues until I disable the Scanner service. When disabled, I do not experience any dips in transfer speeds. Speeds stay consistently over 120 MB/s. I have tested this over the network and copying from a local HDD to the pool.
  20. Alex, thanks for doing this. I'll keep an eye out for the "initializing" anomaly. The Dashboard did freeze up on me again, however. Something strange happened though: I ran the VdsTest.exe and all of my drives were found I captured a dump of the Scanner Service I captured a dump of the Dashboard task and low and behold the Dashboard unfroze! Imagine that? Anyway, I am about to upload the dumps to see if maybe anything jumps out at you. Thanks again for your continued support!
  21. Any word on the the supplied dumps? I had the Initializing error happen again.
  22. Alex, I seem to have a new issue along with the Dashboard locking up. Every so often when I open the Dashboard and click the StableBit Scanner tab, the UI displays "Initializing" and never displays the drives. The only way to fix this is to kill the service in task manager and restart the service in the services snap-in. VDS must be still working because I used the tool above and the screen enumerated the disks to the command window. I am about to upload two dump files for the Scanner Service. I will use this thread as the description.
  23. I uploaded a dump of the 32bit scanner service with this thread as the description.
  24. No problem, I'll recreate the scenario later this evening after my pool is done balancing. Thanks for the response.
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