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  1. I'll grab the logs in the next day or so. Yes I have Stable bit (and all drives are fine). And Yes I have verify after copy enabled (I think that's an advanced config directive?).
  2. Just to add more information, right now I'm using
  3. I've got folder level duplication enabled, but when it gets done balancing/duplicating there are always duplication warnings. See the attached screenshot. I've tried "Duplicate Now" multiple times and this still happens every time. Anyone else run into this issue, or any ideas to figure out what's going on?
  4. Thanks for the quick response! Sweet. Yeah I'm using an ASUS router, typically super stable, and after unplugging the cable modem and re-plugging it back in, all works as expected. I've had issues with my cox connection for a very long time
  5. I'm exploring cloud drive and am using the 30 day trial. I've noticed my ISP craps out (Cox, connection dies) if I utilize my full upload bandwidth for too long...Is there a way to limit the upload bandwidth used? I've seen some screenshots where there is the option in I/O performance, such as the one in this thread: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2107-plex-recommended-settings/ However, in my version (maybe it's a trial version thing), there is not option for that.
  6. I have not heard back. However I have also not tried to disable scanner. I'll see if that helps me out.
  7. I uploaded them the other day, saturday.
  8. Done, and done, not sure if it actually did tracing though, the folder seemed no different than before tracing was turned on.
  9. Sure enough. Copying from the drivepool to a local SSD on the server does it at 150MB/s...so...not sure if its how for some reason it interacts with the NIC...and yes I have Network IO and Read caching enabled. I'll rerun this, and post up my log files after I can restart the server.
  10. I'm running drivepool on Windows 2012 R2. I noticed slower than usual performance on a share stored on the drivepool. I' utilized LAN speed test to test out some of my suspicions. I consistently get 800+Mbps/~100MBps on a share that is on the raw hard drive that is part of a drivepool. However when I do the same test on a folder in the drivepool (actually on the virtual drivepool drive), performance consistently lags down to 600Mbps/~70MBps. I've enabled all the Diskpool I/O performance options (network, etc...) Looking at the performance monitor on Drivepool UI, it shows its reading the
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