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Waiting to scan (temperature equalization) - What exactly does this mean?



My drives are trying to scan, some scanned, some overheated and throttled.  I have two that are stuck with the "Temperature Equalization".  I *THINK* that with the setting of 5 degrees F, that the drives all need to be within 5 degrees.  Well, I have a NVMe drive that's running at 125F (it's in a bad spot on the mobo, so it's been 120F at the lowest and 130F under heavy load for an hour).  Most of my drives have their thermal limits at 110, so they will never be within 5F.

On the flip side, my OS SSD is sitting at 77F.

I turned off the Equalization setting and they are still sitting there.

Is there a way to remove drives from the thermal equalization calculation?  I only want my mechanical drives to factor (which are currently 96.8F - 102.2F)

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