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Drivepool and rclone sync when a disk goes down




I'm talking about the problem even on the rclone forum: https://forum.rclone.org/t/again-remote-folders-wiped-out-help/26078/16

The problem is this:

The folder Anime in the pool is like this:


There are old empty folders in other drives:


If the Q drive goes off (disconnected), the Anime folder looks like this:


The Anime folder is in this way online but with a different (empty) content regard when the Q drive was on.

With this behaviour when rclone retry the sync on the next attempt after the Q drive goes off, it find the Anime folder but with empty content and start do delete things on the remote side..

so...Are there a way to block the pool if a drive goes offline? or what you suggest?

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StableBit DrivePool doesn't remove empty folders, for a number of reasons.   If you want, you can manually clean up the empty folders. 

As for prevent rclone, if it can, have it check if the pool is writable first.  If there is a missing disk, the pool goes read only until the missing disk is resolved. 

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