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Extend grace period before "disk is missing" and the launch of verification procedures




One of my Pools resides on two external disks - the pool is organized as a simple x2 redundancy on two same size disks. The external housing is a USB3 connected TerraMaster D5-300 5 bay. I am aware that a USB connected external housing is not recommended. That particular housing has two distinct USB controllers but both of my pool's disks are hooked up to the same USB controller.

What recently happens (not when I created the pool) is that once I power on the housing I get the "disk missing" message and automatically the verification procedures commence. The pool is intact, so after 10 minutes I get a healthy pool. It takes 10 minutes since those two disks are 16TB each, halfway occupied.

Is there a way to increase the grace period before a "disk missing" on a single pool  event is determined and acted upon?


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