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  1. Hello, One of my Pools resides on two external disks - the pool is organized as a simple x2 redundancy on two same size disks. The external housing is a USB3 connected TerraMaster D5-300 5 bay. I am aware that a USB connected external housing is not recommended. That particular housing has two distinct USB controllers but both of my pool's disks are hooked up to the same USB controller. What recently happens (not when I created the pool) is that once I power on the housing I get the "disk missing" message and automatically the verification procedures commence. The pool is intact, so after 10 minutes I get a healthy pool. It takes 10 minutes since those two disks are 16TB each, halfway occupied. Is there a way to increase the grace period before a "disk missing" on a single pool event is determined and acted upon?
  2. Diodato

    Drive Sleep

    Hello again Christopher, On the machine in question only DrivePool and Scanner are installed. I have CloudDrive but I use it on a different PC on a different LAN. I have verified thrice just to be sure and here is my setup and observations: - PC setup: Win10 1909 build 18363.815, DrivePool version is , Scanner version is - Three USB disks attached (drive letters D, E and F) (TerraMaster D5-300C enclosure) - Scanner has under SMART throttling set to 60 minutes, "only query during the work window or if scanning" set and "do not query if the disk has spun down" also is set. - DrivePool is not configured for any pool disk, as if just installed. DrivePool has "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" set to "false" (both Default and Override) - the DrivePool Service is Stopped - the active power plan of Windows has disk spindown set to 3 minutes. All three disks are not spinning. - Procmon64 shows abolutely no processes accessing the D, E or F disks - Resmon (disk tab) shows absolutely no activity for disks D, E and F Now as soon as I enable the DrivePool Service the disks wake up and never again go to sleep. You can see in the Resmon that every second there is access to all three disks. In the image in my previous post accesses to disk D are obvious, but if look with attention, every second there are very subtle marks also for disks E and F (very small peaks). Procmon continues to show that nothing is accessing disks D, E and F. If I stop the DrivePool Service I stop seeing in Resmon disk access for these three disks and after three minutes (whatever is set in the power plan) the go to sleep. Once again if I restart the DrivePool Service the disks wake-up and I start seeing the same every second disk access activity in Resmon. Again the disks will never spin-down. Not until I stop the DrivePool Service. Now I do not want to say that the DrivePool service is the culprit but it took me a very long time to narrow down what is causing my external USB drives not to sleep. Because Procmon was useless (no process was accessing the disks) I started stopping different services and have observed the above described behavior with the DrivePool Service. As the authors of DrivePool I am kindly asking for suggestions what to do to have my external disks spin-down or how to continue investigating. It might be a Microsoft Windows or USB driver problem or other but I would like some help or directions with the next steps. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
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    Drive Sleep

    Yes I do have StableBit Scanner and yes the throttling is enabled and set to 60 minutes.
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    Drive Sleep

    Hi, I have decided to post as a reply and not a new question. I have the same problem as some people: with DrivePool Service running my external USB drives don't sleep. Looking at drive activity in Resmon I can see regular access every second to all my three external USB disks (drive letters D, E and F). As soon as I stop the DrivePool Service such access ceases. And my disks will spindown after the amount specified in the active Power plan. The second image was captured just a few seconds after stopping the service to still show the past access activities. My Pool is not yet setup - no pool disk created. And yes I have set the BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect setting to False. My Windows is Win10 1909 build 18363.815 and DrivePool version is How can I allow my drives to spin-down?
  5. What would be the most natural way to access pool data within a Recovery Environment? I have a simple x2 file duplication pool (WHS2011) made of two identical GPT formatted disks. I save my client as well as the server backups to the pool. Recently wanted to perform a bare metal recovery of the WHS2011 and was surprised it wasn't that straightforward. Using the WHS2011 recovery flash drive it was impossible simply because it just offers the system recovery wizard. Of course it's unable to locate the backup files automatically so it offers manual selection through a file open dialog box. I can see that both pool drives are recognized correctly (total and free spaces are correct) and as expected I can't see the hidden PoolPart.* folder so am unable to access the files stored in the pool. Booting from the WHS2011 installation disk as well as using more recent WinRE versions I have access to a DOS shell so I can change the attributes - unhide the PoolPart.* folder on any of the two disks and thus access the server backup files. Now what would be the "correct" way to access server backup files from within a Recovery Environment? If I unhide the PoolPart.* folders on (all) pool drives can I leave them unhidden? I actually have the physical drives that compose the pool hidden so in Explorer I see only the virtual Pool disk drive. Don't need to access the disks "outside" of the Pool. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
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