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Need to replace MediaSonic ProBox that died



My ~10 year old MediaSonic ProBox died today. Will no longer recognize the USB interface. So my DrivePool is now down hard because I have 4 drives offline. At first I was just going to replace the old MediaSonic ProBox with a new one. However, current price on the MediaSonic ProBox is now close to $200. When I bought my ProBox, it was $50. OK, sticker shock. But this leads me to question other options. Individual USB enclosures are around $25, so about $100 for 4 enclosures to replace the ProBox. Have also looked at dual docking stations for about $36 each, or $72 for my 4 drives. Are there other options I have not considered? Don't know if anyone here has some recent advice on enclosure purchases, but would appreciate any help in deciding how to move forward. Thanks.

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Where are you located?  I have 7 proboxes in total.  One contains my backup set, one is for general usage and 5 are unused.  Complete including the original box.  If you're in the US you can have one for the price of shipping.

I moved all my drives out of the Proboxes and into a NetApp DS4246 Disk Shelf but I was lucky, I bought just before Chia and the price was still reasonable.

And I didn't think to add this until after posting :-)  PM me if you're interested and we'll sort it out.

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I just got sick of the Mediasonic boxes randomly dropping drives (USB-C 10Gbit and USB-A 5Gbit) and occasionally corrupting partitions.  Lucky I know how to recover partitions... comes in handy from having worked for EMC and NetApp for half my IT career...

I just upgraded this week to Silverstone DS380 8 bay backplane SFF case with 8088 to 8087 PCI bracket and LSI 9201 16E SAS/SATA HBA in my NUC Extreme.  Just moved the drives over no problem... quite a bit faster and more reliable already!

The 9200 just barely fit in the NUC but the 9201 had a little room to spare. (shorter card length by 15mm or so)

52662455594_c678eadc97_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52646138736_055320b0cb_b.jpgSAS HBA by Hilton, on Flickr

2 x dual port 8087 internal to 8088 external PCI adaptors plus
4 x 1M 8088 to 8088 SAS cables.  - $191 from Amazon

52635473277_ae8a29c53c_o.jpg61aaLpSUgxL._AC_SX679_ by Hilton, on Flickr

52662168816_c93a4abe52_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662168776_b0b11a2294_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662168761_25f08e1a4a_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662455509_df24d8c84d_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662168736_7bc86e185d_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662455494_09aa3904bb_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662662868_eaace5176b_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52661667497_db2e1a888a_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662455414_7c89161fba_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662455379_9e7c7ee262_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr

52662168641_fa68025b18_k.jpgDS380 JBOD by Hilton, on Flickr




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regarding power:
to use a PSU without a motherboard An "ATX Jumpstarter" AKA an ATX connector that connects Pin 14 to ground.
you can also tie this to a power switch but it must be a latching type (most cases have push button style power buttons)

if you want a little future expandability (and the ability to use less and longer cables) you can replace the SAS breakout brackets with a SAS expander. my personal pick would be the AEC-82885T (although that uses Mini-SAS HD connectors, 8643+8644).

this would allow you to use SATA disks using longer cables (SATA cables use a lower signaling voltage) and allow you to connect just one SAS cable to each JBOD. (yes, you are connecting 8 disks using one 4 lane 6Gb or 12Gb link, but it's barely noticeable for spinning drives)

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