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Need to replace MediaSonic ProBox that died



My ~10 year old MediaSonic ProBox died today. Will no longer recognize the USB interface. So my DrivePool is now down hard because I have 4 drives offline. At first I was just going to replace the old MediaSonic ProBox with a new one. However, current price on the MediaSonic ProBox is now close to $200. When I bought my ProBox, it was $50. OK, sticker shock. But this leads me to question other options. Individual USB enclosures are around $25, so about $100 for 4 enclosures to replace the ProBox. Have also looked at dual docking stations for about $36 each, or $72 for my 4 drives. Are there other options I have not considered? Don't know if anyone here has some recent advice on enclosure purchases, but would appreciate any help in deciding how to move forward. Thanks.

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Where are you located?  I have 7 proboxes in total.  One contains my backup set, one is for general usage and 5 are unused.  Complete including the original box.  If you're in the US you can have one for the price of shipping.

I moved all my drives out of the Proboxes and into a NetApp DS4246 Disk Shelf but I was lucky, I bought just before Chia and the price was still reasonable.

And I didn't think to add this until after posting :-)  PM me if you're interested and we'll sort it out.

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