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How does Drivepool manage existing file going up in size?



I haven't found any information regarding this and I think although not common, it can affect some workflow.

For example:

Pool made with 2 Disks:

Disk A: 8TB with 10GB left holding test.log (1GB in size)

Disk B: 8TB with 5TB used

Say on this A I have a log file currently taking 1GB in size, what happen when my program is running and start writing so much log that makes the log file slowly go up, say it would reach 20GB before it stop. What will happen since Disk A only have 10GB left?

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It would run out of space before it could finish, and the program would get an error.

However, normally the automatic balancing defaults include the Prevent Drive Overfill balancer being set to detect any drive with less than 100 GB free and emptying it into other drives until there is at least 200 GB free. So that situation is unlikely to happen unless you've changed the relevant defaults or you don't have enough space left on every drive in the pool.

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