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  1. Can you elaborate more on this? The file I'm trying to write is a static file with a pre defined size of 100GB. Or am I misunderstanding something?
  2. Yea, the Chia plotting operation is having other trouble so I'm not talking about it, it's the copying operation. I'm simply copying a 100GB plot file over which should be simple enough but DrivePool just doesn't want to do it.
  3. I ran into the problem again, trying to copy a 100GB file from my Fast Pool to Slow Pool while there was 380GB free and it says out of space, I attach some picture below, including my Balancer settings
  4. So I'm using the "old" Windows Backup System in Windows 10 (Labeled as Windows 7 Backup) where it back up the system as an Image. I chose the DrivePool Pool as the destination but kept getting the Status_Wait_1 error and the backup stop midway after a period of running, usually runs for more than an hour or 2, backing up a few hundred GB before it throws the error. Does DrivePool just not work with this? I am only using the Pool to HOLD my backup and not backuping the pool data.
  5. I haven't found any information regarding this and I think although not common, it can affect some workflow. For example: Pool made with 2 Disks: Disk A: 8TB with 10GB left holding test.log (1GB in size) Disk B: 8TB with 5TB used Say on this A I have a log file currently taking 1GB in size, what happen when my program is running and start writing so much log that makes the log file slowly go up, say it would reach 20GB before it stop. What will happen since Disk A only have 10GB left?
  6. After around 20 times trying the balancing, it finally moved my existing file over and seems to be working now. Not sure why it was bugging at first. So sadly I cannot test it anymore but it's now solve. I will report if it happens again. Thank you.
  7. So I'm currently testing out DrivePool before buying it and I've stumbled upon a problem. So from what I understand, DP works based on file so the largest file that can be move to the pool will be limited by the biggest free space available on a disk in the pool. For example: Pool with 2 Disk Disk A: 8TB with 7TB (multiple small files) used so 1TB free Disb B: Same as disk A This means that the pool would show that I have 2TB left but I won't be able to copy a 2TB file into the pool. But then why won't the pool move the multi small files from say Disk A to disk B so that: Disk A: 8TB with 6TB (multiple small files) used so 2TB free Disb B: 8TB with 8TB used 0TB free Now I can copy my 2TB file over. I tried using the Ordered File Placement plugin and it runs into another problem that it prioritize like this: Pool with 2 Disk Disk A: 8TB with 7TB (multiple small files) used so 1TB free Disb B: 8TB Free Now when I copy over my 2TB file over, it said no space left because the plugin seems to prioritize filling disk A first before Disk B and won't automatically move the new 2TB file over to Disk B even though disk A doesn't have enough space left for my new file. The plugin seems to want to fill disk A first before it move on to Disk B no matter what. Can someone recommend me a solution? My needs are: Having multiple HDD in a pool. I work with a lot of big file so it should always ensure the biggest usable space is available at all time. I don't use duplication.
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