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in one drive the master folder name is "Contacts" how to rename it? to standard PoolPart.XXX




I have a problem that I cannot customize some folders to general veiw.

and I see that this folders are in a disk that for some reason the most upper folder name is "Contacts" .

it seems to me that this is why I cannot change the way I can customize the view of the folder besideCapture.thumb.JPG.cc82594d8825326a92d468597da5534b.JPG contacts view

I tried to remove the drive but it create same "Contacts" as master folder in another drive.

How to make the name of this master folder as standard name again (PoolPart.XXX)


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Hmm. I suspect the folder is still actually named PoolPart.guid at the system level but there is now a hidden system file named desktop.ini inside the folder that is telling Windows Explorer to show the name as Contacts instead (because that's a thing in Windows). These hidden system files can sometimes accidentally get brought along with visible files during moves or copies by users (because Windows).

If that's the case, deleting or renaming that file should fix the problem (I suggest doing this at the pool drive level rather than the physical drive level). You might need to go into Windows Explorer's View menu -> Options -> View tab and temporaily select "Show hidden files" and untick "Hide protected operating system files" for it to be visible to you.

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