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Workaround for Google Drive 750GB/day rate limiting


I have a Google Drive Enterprise account (unlimited storage), just one user account.

Today I increased my upload speed to around 300Mbps. After about 6 hours, Cloud Drive started throwing lots of "User Rate Limit Exceeded" errors (see attached file). With a bit of maths, at 300Mbps, I would upload 750GB in about 6 hours, so it seems I've hit that limit.

But to confirm, is this error message caused by the "750GB/day" upload limit I've heard about, or is the limit the number of API calls to the Google Drive API?

Is there a workaround for this limit?

If I created multiple Google Drive "connections" within Cloud Drive (each connection opens my web browser to Google and prompts me to authorise a new connection), would each connection give me 750GB/day, or is the limit per user (I have one user account)?

If the limit is per connection, I was thinking I could create multiple connections, create a new google drive on each connection, then Balance the traffic across all the drives kinda like striping data across multiple drives in a RAID set ... this would give me multiple drives x 750GB/day and increase my daily limit. Would that work?


User Rate Limit Exceeded.jpg

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before anything else, upgrade the version.   There was an issue that caused the user rate limit exceeded warnings, and has been fixed since.  Just to make sure that this isn't the same issue ....

Also, if you have 2+ drives backed by Google Drive, you want to split the resources between them.   Eg, 40mbps each (if there are 2), and 4-5 threads, each. 

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