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  1. I have a Google Drive Enterprise account (unlimited storage), just one user account. Today I increased my upload speed to around 300Mbps. After about 6 hours, Cloud Drive started throwing lots of "User Rate Limit Exceeded" errors (see attached file). With a bit of maths, at 300Mbps, I would upload 750GB in about 6 hours, so it seems I've hit that limit. But to confirm, is this error message caused by the "750GB/day" upload limit I've heard about, or is the limit the number of API calls to the Google Drive API? Is there a workaround for this limit? If I created multiple Google Drive "connections" within Cloud Drive (each connection opens my web browser to Google and prompts me to authorise a new connection), would each connection give me 750GB/day, or is the limit per user (I have one user account)? If the limit is per connection, I was thinking I could create multiple connections, create a new google drive on each connection, then Balance the traffic across all the drives kinda like striping data across multiple drives in a RAID set ... this would give me multiple drives x 750GB/day and increase my daily limit. Would that work? Thanks!
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