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Anyone kind enough to tell me best settings for my needs?



Hi, I have created a 60TB drivepool

All my files are movies so large in size 20-100GB each. I plan to use Plex in the future

I notice when I add new movies to the drivepool it's not auto moving them to a particular hard drive and will only move them when it does it's balancing thing. - Can movies not be auto taken care of without the needs of balancing constantly?

All default plugins and balancing options are on default, can you think of any settings and plugins to best suit my needs?

Thank you so so much!


Jamie :)



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I also use DrivePool as my media storage center. It does not matter if your movies are in a temporary cache or moved to their archive drive, DrivePool treats the files the same. I set up a 224GB SSD as a front end cache on my DrivePool and set the cache to hold 100GB of files before it balances. Most of my movie files are 12GB or less, and unless I am transferring lots of files to DrivePool, I can go days between balancing. If your DrivePool is constantly re-balancing, maybe you want to check the Manage Pool > Balancing > Settings > Automatic balancing - Triggers > Or if at least this much data needs to be moved "100" GB in my case. You can manually set whatever trigger limit works best for you. A little trial and error and you will figure it out.

I just let DrivePool send the cache files to whatever pool drive it wants (defaults to the drive with most free space). However, there are other plugins and options to modify this behavior. For example, the Ordered File Placement plugin will send files to one drive until full and then move on to the next drive. You just tell DrivePool the order of the drives to use. That has advantages that some people may prefer.

As to settings that best suit your needs, I can only tell you that what I thought were my best DrivePool settings 6 months ago are not the same as what I am using today. I suspect that 6 months from now my best settings may have evolved in another direction. It really does not matter because with DrivePool you have many options to tweak it in various ways to better suit your particular needs.

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