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SSD Optimizer/All In One Plugin - Archive for duplicates only



I am trying to only allow duplicated files on my archive drives. It is doing the exact opposite. I have no settings in the unduplicated tab. Under the duplicated tab I have the prioritize the placement of duplicated files on the archive disks turned on. Both the All In One plug in and the SSD optimizer show the same results. They keep wanting to rebalance files to the wrong location.


What are the correct settings i should be using? Or is this bugged?


All In One settings:



SSD Optimizer settings:


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The intended purpose of the "SSD" drives in both balancers is use as a temporary cache, not as a permanent storage area; when the "Automatic balancing" is triggered for this cache, it WILL attempt to move ALL files off the "SSD" drives to the "Archive" drives to free up space for the caching of new incoming files.

If what you actually want is to keep duplicated files on specific drives and unduplicated files on specific other drives, then I'd suggest you should be marking all of those drives as "Archive" and then using the following:

  • the "Folders" tab under the "File Placement" tab to select which drives each folder should be using (since duplication can be set per-folder)


  • "Ordered placement options" to assign priority to the drives accordingly (un-ticking "Same order as duplicated" and telling it which drives you want prioritised for un-duplicated vs which drives for duplicated files).

You could even use both if you wanted especially fine-grained control, e.g. if you wanted folder A to use drives X, Y and Z in that priority, but it could end up being fiddly to manage.

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