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  1. I am trying to only allow duplicated files on my archive drives. It is doing the exact opposite. I have no settings in the unduplicated tab. Under the duplicated tab I have the prioritize the placement of duplicated files on the archive disks turned on. Both the All In One plug in and the SSD optimizer show the same results. They keep wanting to rebalance files to the wrong location. What are the correct settings i should be using? Or is this bugged? All In One settings: SSD Optimizer settings:
  2. I have two Western Digital drives that i am able to view in the WD Dashboard that are in a RAID using Storage Space. StableBit Scanner only detects them as one drive labeled with the name "Microsoft Storage Space Device" instead of separate drives. I am able to pull the SMART check via WD Dashboad and not the StableBit Scanner. Please add this functionality.
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