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How to I get automatic notices of replies to my questions?



I am not receiving any notifications of replies to my threads/questions. I have set up my account profile with my correct email address, I have checked the box "Notify me of replies" and I have checked my Junk email box in Hotmail. But I cannot find any notifications from this forum. 

As I learn more about using DrivePool, I think I might be able to be more active in helping others. Being notified of responses would really help.

I have just cleared my Junk box in Hotmail, so if someone would please send me a quick response, maybe I figure out if/where any notification is sent. Thanks.

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1 hour ago, Shane said:

Hi gtaus, I can see that your account is following this thread, so hopefully you'll get notified about this response.

Maybe check that https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/notifications/options/ is set to your liking?

OK, I did not get a notification of your response. I followed your link and checked both boxes for the automatic response. I hope that was the problem and will get notifications in the future. Thanks.

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