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Moving drives from external HDD to a HDD enclosure - shucking and adding to pool



Sorry if this is a bad question but I am somewhat new to this.

Ok so here is my current situation:

I have 2 external hard drives in a pool (a 10TB Elements and a 8TB Easystore). These drives are full and instead of just plugging in another external I bought this enclosure for a cleaner setup as well as another 12TB drive.

Now for my questions:

1. Can I just add the 12TB to the existing pool, shuck the 2 externals and put them in the enclosure and DrivePool will recognize them just as if nothing has changed?


2. Before shucking and adding to the enclosure do I need to format the drives? Meaning I would need to copy all of the files off the 8TB and onto the 12TB as a new pool, then format, then shuck, then add to the enclosure and re-add as an empty drive back to the pool...and then repeat the process with the 10TB drive. And is manually copying over the hidden part folder to the new pool the way to do this?

Or I guess there's a third option...I'm planning on buying another HDD this week when prices drop. Should I wait until then, that way I can add 24TB to the pool and then just have DrivePool balance (not sure that's the right word if it's possible) all the files onto the new 24TB leaving the old HDDs empty so I can then shuck them and add them to the pool as new drives?


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