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DrivePool Folder organisation



i'm using drivepool to organize my TV Series.  here is my config:

Two 8TB physical hard drive (drive M and drive N:).

My pooled drive is drive S.

In drive S, i have this structure of folder for my series.



S:\Series\Serie1\Season 1

S:\Series\Serie1\Season 1\S01E01.avi, S01E02.avi etc.

S:\Series\Serie1\Season 2

S:\Series\Serie1\Season 2\S02E01.avi, S02E02.avi etc.



is there a way to tell drivepool two separated on the two physical drive by Series ?  i want to have Serie1 and all of his season in the same physical drive instead of having somme episode on drive M and some on drive N.  If one of my drive fail, it will be easier to redownload all season of a specified series instead of redownload just the broked episode....

thank you


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DrivePool GUI -> Manage Pool -> Balancing -> File Placement.

You could use the Folders tab to manually set specific folder trees (or even a specific folder within a tree) to be stored on specific drives, or you could use the Rules tab to set up pattern matching (e.g. pattern "\Series\A*\*" could be used to put all series starting with A on a specific drive). Either way, ensure the sub-settings (e.g. Overflow) are configured to your preferred values.

Then ensure "Balancing plug-ins respect file placement rules" and "Unless the drive is being emptied" are both ticked in DrivePool GUI -> Manage Pool -> Balancing -> Settings. You might also want to tick "File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins" according to your preference (e.g. if you want to make use of the StableBit Scanner balancing plug-in to automatically evacuate a failing drive).

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