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Macrium Reflect images incorrectly reported as "other" files?



Hey all,

This is really more out of curiosity than an actual concern - I use Drivepool on a Windows 10 machine with an 11.8 TB pool. I use Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition to back up my Win 7 desktop to the pool on the Win 10 machine over the network. The current full image backup is about 1.1TB. Incrementals vary in size. What I have noticed is that although the backup image is duplicated within the pool (as it should be), DrivePool seems to think the 1.1tb backup image is an "other" file. In the screen shot, you can see what I'm talking about - the Macrium images are on drive G and duplicated to drive D respectively. I've tried rebalancing/remeasuring the pool and it made no difference. VSS is off as well on the Win 10 box, and so is Macrium Image Guardian. (MIG is installed but deactivated.)

It's not really a problem, since everything seems to be working, but it is disconcerting having the app not show what's actually happening. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?



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That is interesting. It does look like there's something there in the unknown category:



But even with Windows set to show hidden files, I can't see where that unknown file would be if not in the PoolPart folder:


No non-pooled files are on either D or G drives (as you can see above for G:). Very strange. Any ideas on what might be going on? I'm stumped.



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I looked at the permissions and System and Administrator users have full R/W permissions. Also ran CHKDSK and no errors were reported.

Here's the TreeSize analysis:


Very odd.

The Drivepool app still claims that there are no duplicated files on drive G:, even though the Macrium image is correctly duplicated from G: to other drives in the pool.

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