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SSD with Data not in use




I love DrivePool, UI,  useability and functions are great.

But I have a problem which I cannot understand.
I have three hard drives. 2 normal ones, one SSD. With file placement rules, files in the folder Virtual Machines or Userdata, for example, come to the SSD and are written to another normal HDD by duplication. 
When I start the virtual machine or open other files in this folder, I see only the normal HDD in the pool activities. Or with more reading speed from the normal HDD than from the SSD. However, due to the speed, I want files from that particular folder to always come from the SSD with more than only 3 MB read, but I don't want to do without duplication. What am I doing wrong?



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I'm not aware of any controls for specifying which drive(s) a pool should prefer for reading files. However, do you see any favorable difference if the Manage Pool > Performance > Read Striping menu option is turned off (it's enabled by default, and will thus be trying to read from both drives for any file above a certain size that is on both drives)?

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