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WizTree Compatibility with DrivePool



Is there any way to get WizTree working with DrivePool's primary drive? I believe WinDirStat works with the main mapped drive but I can't seem to figure out how to get WizTree to work with it (I like WizTree much better due to their strong filtering options).

If I manually select a folder within the main Drivepool, it works with WizTree but the drive itself seems to hang. Not sure what exactly about the created drivepool makes it incompatible.

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WizTree reads the MFT directly rather than scanning the filesystem, hence why it's so fast. I'm guessing as DrivePool isn't an actual on-disk filesystem it doesn't have an MFT.

To get WizTree to work, it would need to know that the DrivePool drive is not actually NTFS.

WinDirStat and other similar products that scan the filesystem rather than read the MFT, should work I'd assume.

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