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1 drive showing smart warning on startup then gone



A blackout just occured and upon startup stablebit scanner gave me this error

One or more disks are expected to fail within 24 hours

The detail says there are 6 unstable sectors iirc..

But about 15 min later that error vanished, i couldn't find it again. The same drive showing healthy now.. 

I checked with hdd sentinel and it says that drive is healthy

So is this some kinda false positive cause its the first time i got this. Should i replace the drive?


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That came from the SMART data for the drive. 

And it's very possible, likely even, that the unstable sectors were because of the blackout and a write that was happening at that point in time.  And that the disk was able to correct or remap those sectors. 

So, not really a false positive, but something that the disk was able to resolve.  


Though, if you see this happen often, that may indicate an issue. 

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