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Is Scanner waking up my drives?



iam running Scanner on my Microserver N36L with Windoes Server 2012 Essentials.


In Windows Power Managment the drives are configured to spin down after 30 min.

This seems to work so far.


But, without any usage of the server the drives are "active" every now an then when ich check via Remotedesktop.


Now iam not sure if this has been the case even before i installed Scanner, and i just did not know.

Or is Scanner waking up my drives?


I have set "Throttle Queries" to 60min and enabled "Do not query when spun down".


Any more advice how to check what is waking up my drives?

Is maybe the Remotedesktop login waking up those drives?

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Is anything else accessing the drives?


Also, try stopping the "StableBit Scanner Service" and see if it exhibits the same behavior. If it doesn't, then Scanner is waking the drives. If this is the case, see if the "only query during work window or when scanning" option and see if that helps.

If the behavior continues with the Scanner service disabled, then something else is accessing the drives and causing them to wake up.

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Well, for the most part, Scanner.UI shouldn't be writing to any disk, except the system disk for settings.


As for $mft and $logfile, those are internal NTFS metadata. (But I'm guessing you already knew that). 

Since something is definitely writing to the disks, do you have anything that is running that would be accessing the files? Indexing programs, media programs, disk utilities (such as defraggers or imagers)?

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