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  1. Can anyone explain to me, why it is a problem to have a plug in that lets me but my files where i want them to be? I see how the "ordered file placement" plug in does kind of this thing, but not really. Say i have 4 Disks and 1 Pool containing all those 4 Disks. If i want all my movies on one of those Disks, why cant all those file placement plug ins be ignored and i just copy the files in the PoolPart folder by hand?
  2. Hey, iam running Scanner on my Microserver N36L with Windoes Server 2012 Essentials. In Windows Power Managment the drives are configured to spin down after 30 min. This seems to work so far. But, without any usage of the server the drives are "active" every now an then when ich check via Remotedesktop. Now iam not sure if this has been the case even before i installed Scanner, and i just did not know. Or is Scanner waking up my drives? I have set "Throttle Queries" to 60min and enabled "Do not query when spun down". Any more advice how to check what is waking up my driv
  3. Does this mean i have no way to keep all my movies on a single physical hard drive? I would like to keep as few drives spinning as possible. So it would be nice to have something that enforces a Folder to stay on one physical drive, if it is not bigger than that drive of course. My problem with "Ordered File Placement", is that i dont want to fill up one drive before using the others^^ I just want to keep related files together.
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